Sacred Valley Medicine Voyage & Epic Trek

Overland 11-day trip, starting and ending in Cusco, Peru Guided by Mags MacKean, Liza-Marie Karshagen and Bernhard Karshagen   Vision: A uniquely intimate medicine journey working with the sacred plant teacher, the San Pedro cactus, known as ‘Huachuma’, among the natural temples and power centres of the high mountains, the venerated ‘Apu’. We will be […]

Bristol Festival of Literature (workshop)

Bristol Festival of Literature: Creativity Circles taster
90-min workshop to deep-dive into your creativity, and unleash what longs to express through you…take-away tools & practises. £5. Discount for Creativity Circles course for those attending: This is a snapshot of my longer form events and courses for creative explorers…

Transformational breathing: tools for wellbeing & wholeness

Practise THREE simple breathing techniques – and explore their impact on your state of mind, your inner being and physicality: * 4-4-4 breath * Kundalini breath or ‘breath of fire’ * Accelerated breathing – or “conscious breathwork”   Conscious breathing will empower you to: * manage anxiety * energise a dream, intention or goal * […]

The nature of adventure: embracing risk

The nature of adventure: embracing risk. Mags MacKean (c) Many dream of the thrill of stripping life – and all its pressures – to the basics: heading off on a long distance hike. The rewards are in its promise: relying on strength, stamina and the vision to see a route through – to complete a […]