1:1 WITH MAGSLive The Change is timeless medicine for today’s challenges. The simple techniques, western and traditional, promote awareness and discernment in every moment. You are guided to move through the story holding you back, healing the causes of anxiety, low energy and resistance. You embody the shifts in our explorations through physical movement, creative exercises to invite new impulses and insights, and simple rites of passage to practise back home.

All material bridges our multi-faceted nature: physical, mental, emotional, mythic, spiritual and energetic. I draw on my background and experience as an explorer, storyteller, and coach – having immersed in deep transformative practise with world teachers including Byron Katie, Eckhart Tolle, Alberto Villoldo, Peggy Dylan. I have apprenticed with medicine people in the Amazon, Andes, South Africa – and apply their traditional teachings and rituals to contemporary Western life.


Transformation formula: To be inspired and empowered = Living The Change. Core processes include: overturning limited beliefs and thinking; Breath Work; Energy healing; Guided Journeys (‘imagination with attitude’) to embody medicine and insight as practise; Medicine Wheel map – the heroic journey, in particular the axis of verticality, the Heroine’s Descent; ritual and ceremony.

Freedom comes from knowing you are not your story – and honouring all the stories that have brought you to this point Here, Now. Your world is your mirror, as well as your projection. Change awareness and everything changes. You are empowered to reclaim your expansive nature: loving, joyful and abundant.

This powerful work guides you to explore your truth and transform your relationship to your life. The profound shifts you’ll feel are sustained by the practices taught and shared.

1: 1 offerings: Skype consultations + appointments in Bristol, UK


My approach is always ‘holistic’: the whole picture explored. What is the energetic reason for what’s showing up physically? We examine what ‘stories’ are running your life and how that makes you feel. Roles can hold us back or keep us stuck. We explore how projection is an opportunity to reclaim lost energy and vital force. As you embody it again, you’ll experience an immediate shift and renewed purpose.

A session will help uncover what really drives your life. Which belief systems define you and where have they come from? What holds you back? Are your relationships fulfilling? How does your language reflect your life: are you open or closed? How do you move forwards in your life?

You are then coached how to live and sustain the changes inspired by the work in the days, weeks and months to come.

This work covers the spectrum of human discontent: low energy, recurring illness, tricky relationships, bereavement, doubt and anxiety, lack of confidence and self-belief. Perhaps your life lacks purpose or direction. You might have a ‘creative block’, need more self-motivation or overcome fear of public speaking. Life might feel stale and repetitive, or your relationship at a dead-end; promotion at work unachievable, or money lacking.

Beyond Success: Self-leadership & path to fulfillment.

Feeling stuck or at a transition and don’t know how to move forwards?

This is bespoke coaching. It is tailored to your unique needs, to explore the freedom beyond limited thinking. You are supported to challenge the stories running your life, and the assumptions, beliefs and judgments inherent in them. Relationships are transformed through inquiry into your relationship with yourself: you with you. You integrate and embody the new feeling and energy as a result of letting go of the past and its invisible momentum. You are then coached to dream from a place of wholeness rather than lack.

Energy Medicine: Healing the Light Body

As human beings, we have multiple levels informing our sense of who we are: physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual. This powerful work transcends the strong attachment to our psychology, history and story. By working at the level of energy, you are empowered to make meaningful and sustainable changes at the source of your true, expansive, loving self.

Range of techniques: clearance, soul retrieval, journeying (imagination with attitude!), destiny work. Integration mentally (through reflection, and inviting new thoughts and beliefs) and physically, (moves and breathing techniques to anchor insights and shifts) are crucial practises for on-going energetic transformation.

Breath Work: powerful releasing to open the heart and heighten awareness

Be held in a safe, supported environment to explore the power of conscious breathing. Invite the energies within you ready to be felt to express, so that they may be honoured and released. Experience the open hearted expansion of heightened awareness and perception. Return to your true state of joy, freedom and love. Leave with a new map to live the changes.