“I loved your way of journeying and explaining the Heroines Journey – my sense is that you know its texture deeply and are indeed a beautiful guide for the journey. I experience your embodied presence in bringing it into form. it felt confirming and enriching to hear your teaching, wisdom and perspective.”
Clare, Bristol 

Working with Mags is always a joy, she uses simple tools with such incredible skill that her facilitation appears effortless. Encouraging embodiment of the change I am wanting to manifest has, quite literally, brought many possibilities to life for me. Mags’ work has enabled real and tangible results to unfold naturally, absolute genius!”
Hazel, Learning Consultant, UK. 

“From almost immediately after our session, I felt a shift. I feel more capable than I did and not so stuck in a loop of anxiety like before. I have been more focused and positive – I got onto my dream course, I am freelancing in a job I like and don’t find incredibly stressful (!) and things are progressing with my other project. I doubt I would have managed all this before, so thank you.”
Jess, Bristol

“My session with you really shifted something for me and I feel so much more grounded and at peace. It was interesting because it was not what I was expecting. It helped me so much but in a completely different way to how I thought it would. I am very grateful to you.”
Tasha, Bristol 

“Mags MacKean is simply one of life’s braves!”
Bear Grylls, Adventurer.

“My intention was to get clear on what I want to express through my art…but I’m getting the sense that my art is much more than that, it’s more about life creation, life as the ultimate art, my life is a work of art! ….Thank you Mags, I loved the way you lead the group and the energy and depth you bring.”
Natasha, Bristol

“This has been an amazing journey Mags. I have once again, truly experienced how powerful it is to be coached, and to be triggered into another layer of self-realisation.”
Rebecca, Bristol

“I thought the session was excellent, bringing focus, clarity and empowered intent for the momentous 2012 year ahead. Mags’s intensive experience of Andean shamanism mixed with her integral down to earth and practical nature as well as her aptitude for holding and creating a magical sacred space, are a winning combo.”
Will, Bristol

“I cannot think of anyone else who could have facilitated such a transformational, magical, and energizing time in Glastonbury, land of Avalon, other than Mags.”
Paul, Colorado, USA.

“Thank you so much for the deep, rich experience you bring into this life and the clear willingness for all to share. I really felt your determined, soft, caring, loving, presence today. I certainly felt a deeper connection within myself…the workshop certainly delivered what it said on the label and more…”
Jonathan, Bath.

“Mags MacKean’s top ten tips for Life beyond school were presented in such a passionate and uplifting manner, drawing on her own life experiences that the students must have felt impelled to shape their lives by following her lead.”
Suzy, Gordonstoun School, Morayshire.

“An amazing and very transformational evening. The power of three was very intense and Ifelt a real shift taking place… I felt a huge release through the water cleansing and went through quite a clearing process in the few days following. Strong and not easy at times but very positive! “
Kat, Bristol

“Thank you so much for a truly wonderful and enlightening evening. There were lots of very powerful messages for me in everything you spoke about and the new ways of seeing that you introduced us to.“
izzy, London

“I have had the privilege of working with Mags MacKean in Peru. She shepherded me through a key soul retrieval and did so with skill, deep magic and compassion.”
Tarra, Southern Carolina, USA.

“Magic Mags – an extraordinary shamanic practitioner, teacher and woman.”
Anne, Kenya