“I also loved your way of journeying and explaining the Heroines Journey – my sense is that you know its texture deeply and are indeed a beautiful guide for the journey. I experience your embodied presence in bringing it into form.” Clare, Bristol. 

Creativity Circles will help you form a new relationship with yourself as a powerful creator. Over the four-week journey, you will learn tools and a timeless map for navigating your onward practise. Our creativity is a gateway to self-discovery. When we consciously befriend it, the door opens to fun, freedom and fulfilment.

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Creativity is also the dance partner of the unknown. It will inevitably lead us into the great mystery and depths of our being – usually hidden and often projected onto the external stage around us.

Our creativity becomes a metaphor for our relationship to life – our hopes and fears, our dreams and disappointments, friends, families, jobs and spouses. It amplifies the liberations and struggles in our everyday world – how boldly we speak our truth and value our time and energy.

We can guarantee that along the way, we will encounter allies, foes (not so friendly allies) – the threshold guardians guiding us (however unlikely that can sometimes seem) to the inner sanctum of our unique creativity, deepening our courtship and relationship to Muse.

In our time together, as we celebrate the rich mix of gifts to be claimed, you will get to face your deepest fears that can sabotage your dream. That might show up as distractions, excuses, avoiding your truth or stopping you from speaking out, or picking up the pen, instrument, garden tool, needle or paint brush; also stopping you from being fully seen, heard or met. You will learn to uncover the unlimited medicine in your unique, authentic voice.

Between our meets, there’ll be exercises/practises. Journaling is important to nurture growing awareness and record discoveries, challenges, breakthroughs)

How? In a closed group setting, either over two half-days or over four evenings aligned to the lunar cycle, you are coached to explore your unique expression, unleash your creative energy and how to maintain it. You will learn simple rituals and ways to introduce useful boundaries, for yourself and with others; to manage time and create a routine that inspires and serves you. At home you’ll be applying everything explored and learned into your chosen art form.

You will also receive a half-hour 1:1 telephone coaching session with me, to be booked during the course.

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