Dream today, lead tomorrow. Young people are our world’s future. This leadership programme coaches teenagers to create a rewarding life and legacy. The mission is to inspire emerging leaders to unlock their unique potential. The outcome is to overcome doubt, frustration and uncertainty.

The life-skills curriculum is positive, dynamic and inspiring: using a vibrant mix of dance, drama, discussion, sharing & rites of passage.

Core life skills: personal responsibility, relationships, communication, anger management, decision-making, positive thinking, dreaming and goal-setting.

Transition into adulthood and life beyond school is challenging. The growing numbers of unemployed, unskilled young people can make the future seem hopeless, a test in survival.

At Dream Big, teenagers discover how to make what’s possible probable. They explore their vision, values and the practical steps to fulfill dreams and goals.

Maintaining positive changes over time leads to lasting fulfillment. Young people are equipped with a tool-kit: to overturn negative programming – thoughts, assumptions, beliefs and judgments.

By opening their minds, they identify core values.
By aligning their values and goals, they unleash the drive to fulfill their vision.
By making active steps to move forward, positive changes become measurable.
By drawing on ongoing support at Dream Big, the shifts in relationships, motivation, outlook and well-being are sustainable.

Core Life Skills Transformation Formula:


Awareness – noticing relationships: one’s impact on others + environment.
Will – choosing to behave and react differently.
Acceptance – Responsibility/ ownership of your thoughts, words and actions
Real – Putting theory into practice – experiencing life skills.
Enjoy – tracking the measurable changes; as you move forwards with your vision.

The life-skills curriculum is positive, dynamic and inspiring: using a vibrant mix of dance, drama, discussion, sharing & rites of passage.

Leadership Retreat. Six-day leadership programme: Asha Centre, Gloucestershire. Funding application: September 2012 pilot programme.

Individual Coaching (see material above)

After-school club (longer term vision: working with parents and teachers and education leaders to create funded community initiatives)

Life Skills Curriculum

We offer six-day leadership retreats in the beautiful surroundings of the Forest Of Dean. The programmes are run in partnership with the Asha Centre, a charity which reaches young people from Gloucestershire and all over Europe.
To find out more of their inspiring setting, facilities and work:
See www.ashacentre.org

The retreats are an opportunity for young people to immerse in the core life skills curriculum. They are inspired to devise, direct, and deliver their own creative project on the sixth day, to peers, parents, teachers and the community. This performance is staged at The Picturedrome in Gloucester:
See www.thegloucestertheatrecompany.co.uk

Top-10 Life Beyond School tips.

We’re working in tandem with teachers and parents, to devise after-school clubs.

We’re setting up programmes to empower parents.

Keeping up the momentum of positive change – the daily steps to fulfill vision – is not always easy. Dream Big provides follow up support for all participants, with coaching and bi-monthly group meetings.