JOURNEYING To Reclaim Heath, Happiness & Wholeness

5_pplThis is an ancient practise, to experience altered awareness and access perspective, information and healing.

Journeying is fun, inspiring and can provide profound healing. It can also be an excellent way to relax.

Core journeying techniques are taught and ‘maps’ shared of spaces to explore. Integrating the experience is key to this work, to anchor the shifts in awareness and maintain them. It’s important too to be clear with your intention to get the most fruitful results.

Shamans refer to three areas of the psyche or reality:
Lower world – this refers to the unconscious or ‘underworld’.
Middle world – the Earth, our physical reality, held within time and space.
Upper world – our ‘super-consciousness’, realm of Higher Self, luminous beings, ascended masters.

3_magsClientsA repetitive drum beat or rattle helps quiet the thinking mind, to project your awareness as you’re guided. Creating powerful medicine relationships with allies, such as power animals, spirit guides and angels can deepen your daily practise and connection to Source energy.

Journey to reclaim health, happiness & wholeness. 5-part course

The purpose is to provide a regular space for every participant to make a deeper journey over the weeks, and explore the changes as they happen. Integrating the shifts is key to the process.
One hour, fifteen mins.

1. Middle World: chakra cleanse and exploring energetic body
2. Lower World: the medicine and layout (allies, power animal)
3. Lower World: map of the chambers of the soul, rewriting soul contracts
4. Upper World: exploring the angelic and luminous wisdom of Higher Self.
5. Destiny Retrieval: anchoring vision into the everyday

5-part Journey Series.

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