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woman's hourI was a guest on BBC Radio 4’s Late Night Woman’s Hour with Lauren Laverne. The five of us had a unique take on “Me Time” – what is it and what makes us yearn it? How does mindfulness shift our relationship to time? Half-hour radio programme:

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BBC London: Jo Good’s show (12 mins onwards…)

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Carole Ann Rice, Daily Express.
Mags writes beautifully and movingly about her physical, emotional and spiritual descent… The Upside Down Mountain – “a sat nav for men and women of the road less travelled….”
PEN_profileFeature, Portsmouth Evening News about my travels and relationship to adventure: “I found there is no such thing as a finishing line..”

How To Welcome And Learn From Restlessness

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Upside-LargeThe Upside Down Mountain
29-1-2016.  John Hunt Publishing LTD

“A new story for our time…” Satish Kumar

Weary of chasing success and happiness? One woman’s inspirational journey swapping the uphill slog for the downhill slope. ‘The way up is down’…

Author & former BBC Journalist Mags MacKean has drawn inspiration from mountains – quitting her career to scale some of the highest peaks in the world. Her first book, Meetings On The Edge. A High-level Escape From Office Routine charts her hapless adventures and hard-won highs.

The Upside Down Mountain explores what happens next: when you seem to have it all – enough money, health and success – but happiness remains elusive. Restlessness trails the author from sea-level to altitude. Fed up with the summit quest and its illusive nirvana, she sets her sights on the journey downhill – earth-bound. The adventure penetrates the hidden depths of darkness and discomfort most people live to avoid. Her descent through the wild landscapes of the Pyrenees, the Amazon, Tibet and Egypt reveals how to navigate troubled times and create a new story for ourselves and the world: inspiring us to become the change we seek. Archetypal guardians become familiar allies at the thresholds of descent – pointing the way to deepening and lasting transformation.


3_magsProAuthor Bio

Author & former BBC Journalist Mags MacKean is an inspirational speaker and leadership coach – guiding individuals to unearth their creative voice and vision, and leads life-changing journeys, including to Peru’s ancient heartland. She has immersed with shamans in the Amazon, Andes and South Africa – and applies their teachings in her own coaching work.

News & Story Ideas:

The Heroine’s Journey: embracing descent as the unlikely route of fulfillment.

The Upside Down Mountain – swapping the quest of the summit for the freedoms downhill.

Meeting Muse: daring to bridge your imagined world with this one. Exploring your creative longing…

Embodying change – living a new story for our times.

Time’s arrow: exploring the quantum spiral – when events upstream re-inform the harbor of the Present.

Creating purpose through passion: the choice to live Destiny

Conscious Leadership: the tools of intuition + inquiry

Fear as friend: transforming doubt & sabotage into creative fuel and direction.

The medicine of Archetype – elevating the mundane to epic.

Communication + public speaking: tools for empowered presentation, when inspiration and
practicality meet.

Sacred Spaces — Creating a Temple of your home and office


“Mags MacKean’s life itself is a journey of adventure… along the way she creates a new story for our time. It is an inspiring narrative of search and discovery; narrative of an inner journey of the soul as well as an outer journey in the world.”
Satish Kumar, Resurgence Magazine

“Loved this wonderful work of discovery, exploration and awakening. It will move you.”
Patricia Cori, best selling author

“Join Mags MacKean for an extraordinary adventure that will leave you seeing your own amazing life in a whole new light.”
Tim Freke, philosopher and author, The Mystery Experience 

“Mags MacKean is one of those rare lion-hearted individuals whose particular brand of fearlessness is achieved by love and reverence for Creation.”
Linda Tucker, founder, The Global White Lion Protection Trust

“Mags MacKean drew me alongside with her powerful and compelling journey…This is a book about coming home. The yearning soul-cry of a woman who chooses to plunge the depths of this wondrous life, and find her way. I walk alongside.
Mac Macartney, Embercombe founder, author, speaker            

“Its the inside of us that ultimately matters and the inside life challenges to develop, our connection to the greater realms, to Creation itself, to the realisation we are small parts of infinity and in no way separate. Mags dives deeply into these realms and writes eloquently of her rite of passage. As most unusual book and worth the time of any serious journeyer on the ‘road less travelled’.”
Leo Rutherford, Author, Shamanic Practitioner