BREATH WORK: Releasing Power of the Conscious Breath

5_mtnBreath work is an ancient science for inner transformation and physical well-being.
Most of the time, other than in deep sleep, we breathe shallowly, absorbing far less oxygen than our lung capacity. This affects our mental and physical performance.

The bronchial area, harbouring the heart, stores much unprocessed personal history. Being guided to breathe in a safe space can access deeply buried emotions. Past traumas and unconscious memories are healed through being expressed.

Breathing also heightens awareness, raises energy and opens the heart. It eliminates negative patterns and deepens spiritual connection and joy…

The key benefits of conscious breathing techniques are:

Physical: improved circulation, increased energy and detoxification.
Emotional: release of trauma and repressed feelings. Reduced stress.
Mental: sharper concentration and focus. Being present and positive.
Spiritual: a deep sense of inner peace, clarity and connection.

The breath is the force of life itself flowing through all of us – whether we remember to breathe or not. Being conscious of the breath, and allowing it full expression, is like giving the thumbs up to your life. This is deeply transforming work!

Breath work: powerful releasing to open the heart and heighten awareness

Be held in a safe, supported environment to explore the power of conscious breathing. Invite the energies within you ready to be felt to express, so that they may be honoured and released. Experience the open hearted expansion of heightened awareness and perception. Return to your true state of joy, freedom and love. Leave with a new map to live the changes.

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