Kindness In Action: the new politics?

It was Friday evening – and I was saturated with the coverage of President Donald Trump’s inauguration. His repeated election pledge, to “make America great again”, flowed on from a picture of a diseased nation: a “carcass” wasteland of outdated industry, gangs, poverty and the forgotten. Transformation wasn’t being promised through examples of past triumphs, […]

Starlings: harmony, wholeness, a one-flock rhythm

The Somerset Levels are moody even on ordinary days. As dull light flattens the wetland’s subtle variations, its features stand out all the more distinct: Glastonbury Tor looming beyond the marshes, reeds, lone trees and numberless birds of varied kinds. Among them, Peregrines, Fowl, Marsh Harriers, Snipe and Redshanks. The Levels are famed for the […]