MEDICINE WHEEL: The Path of Heart

This is the ultimate journey, the map of life’s twists and turns. It is the path of the heart, a return to the very place where we have always belonged. The Medicine Wheel is an ancient model of our evolution, to navigate the infinite space of Here and Now. The Four Directions, South, West, North and East, hold a core teaching and perspective. They vary according to different traditions, as do the archetypical energies associated with each one.

Every wound or story becomes our greatest ally – a source of wisdom and power. Each revolution around the wheel feels more subtle, as different parts of our identity get shed and lessons taken on. Ultimately it is a journey ‘back’ to the heart, where everything is perfect, whole and loving.

We ascend from the literal or physical level (how things seem on the surface and primal instincts like sex, hunger, shelter), to the emotional or psychological way of being (feelings, moods, logic and relationship dynamics)

5_trcFrom there, as legends and fairy tales remind us, we have to leave behind the predictable world, to step into the great unknown of adventure. Mythologist Joseph Campbell coined this the ‘hero’s journey’. Responding to the urgent call within to grow and discover connects us to collective intelligence, the archetypical heroes and heroines who overcome mishap and danger in a grand rite of passage. We express our epic selves in music, poetry and symbol, the Soul’s language.

Finally, duality is transcended and infinite possibility opens up. Oneness is all there is and has ever been. Here, there is no separate story of me and you. Life ceases to be personal. Everything is a manifestation of energy or pure potential.

Every stage of this journey is sacred, bringing the unforeseen gifts of experience. That includes the ‘tougher’ times of pain, loss or illness. We become free of the past and detached from the future. We heal the inner places we are willing to release and outgrow.