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Transformative storytelling: ordinary life as adventure. Here's a taster of how Mags woke up to life as inner mountain. The Upside Down Mountain, (PDF). Download sample of audio book

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Timeless therapy to thrive in the chaos of change: 1:1s & group events, including Creativity Circles: nourishing soul, voice & being. Unleash your passion + purpose, to live the change you want for our world.


Exploring mountains as inspiration: the quest of the summit and journey earthbound, where “the way up is down.” Introducing Descent for the here-and-now gifts of our
sensuous humanity.

Mags MacKean

Author, Speaker, Guide.
My #1 aim is to champion your
unique vision and voice longing to express. Are you ready to transform your story, access your gifts & fulfill your dream?

A new story to inspire, empower and live

Mags MacKean

The Upside Down Mountain

Mags MacKean

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