Calling in the Great Peace

Women’s Gathering for International Day of Peace & Autumn Equinox   Facilitated by Clare Russell in White Lion Space, central Bristol BS6 We call in the Great Peace for ourselves, our families and friends We call in the Great Peace for our community and our communities community We call in the Great Peace for […]

The Two Faces of Inspiration: From Sabotage to Genius

Have you noticed how your desire to create – to put your dreams into action – can inspire a raft of excuses, doubts, distractions and competing priorities?  Not enough time, space, quiet or money. Being needed elsewhere. Looking after other people. There’s always tomorrow, next week, month or end of the school holidays. Right? With […]

Transformational breathing: tools for wellbeing & wholeness

Practise THREE simple breathing techniques – and explore their impact on your state of mind, your inner being and physicality: * 4-4-4 breath * Kundalini breath or ‘breath of fire’ * Accelerated breathing – or “conscious breathwork”   Conscious breathing will empower you to: * manage anxiety * energise a dream, intention or goal * […]

Brexit And The Leadership Vacuum: the challenge to co-create a new story for our time….

It was a simple instruction, fraught with tension: take the Jubilee Line three stops and alight at Westminster. Navigating escalators, long pedestrian tunnels, herded into carriages assault the senses at the best of times. Factor in an all-American group of 33 teenagers, 16 adults, most of whom had never set foot on the tube, and […]

Mirror article: waking up to life as mountain – did I really have to climb them? News Real Life Stories BBC How one woman gave up her high-powered career to climb mountains 12:01, 3 JUN 2016 UPDATED 12:13, 3 JUN 2016 BY MAGS MACKEAN Mags MacKean gave up her high-powered career to pursue her dream of climbing mountains – only to find she got just as burnt out following her […]

When The Door Jams. A short story by Mags

When The Door Jams. Short story by Mags MacKean Weariness makes her confused – at least that’s how she explains boarding the wrong train.  She is too surprised to feel anything like annoyance. That comes later. For now, she is washed out, spat out, gazing at an unremarkable platform without the promise of anything to […]